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Do any of you know or know of someone who knows where I can find reasonably priced accommodation?

posted Sep 21, 2008, 12:43 PM by Nicole Vickers
First of all, there is no reasonable priced accommodation in Stockholm! Well, very little, anyways. If you’re a student go through SSSB, or through your school and department. Student rooms and apartments are well situated and very reasonably priced.
Otherwise look on the Dagens Nyheter webpages, people post apartments they want to rent there. It is very common to rent ‘second-hand’ in Sweden. This means that the person who has the original rental contract will then re-rent out their apartment, for a slightly higher fee.
These apartments are usually available for a limited time period, but can be useful for 6 months to a year if you’re not going to be here very long. Otherwise, look on the internet for lots of resources on housing in the city, and services that specialize in finding apartments for people. As with most places, living farther away from the centre will reduce the cost of your apartment. Check out the the forum, or even, what the heck, come out to 'Club Night' and put the word out there!