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CanuckAbroad Forums A forum for expatriate and travelling Canadians.  
The English Shop The English Shop's online store. They have a shop in Södrahallen (Medborgarplatsen), Stockholm. The English Shop carries a variety of food and household products from the UK & US. They also have a good selection of English-language literature & more. 
Mums In Sweden This website was set up to allow English-speaking mums living in or with connections to Sweden to come together and share tips, advice, problems and laughs.  
Survivre Londres Site web québécois et canadien-français pour vivre et travailler en finance à Londres. 
Units Conversion An online fahrenheit to celsius converter.  
Gray's All-American Store An online grocery store with products from the USA.  
Canadian Embassy in Stockholm/l'Ambassade du Canada à Stockholm  Canada's embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. L'Ambassade du Canada à Stockholm. En français and in english 
Migrationsverket - Residency/Le Visa The immigration board's website. Pour le français cliquez sur En français  
Skatteverket - Taxes Cliquez sur International pour le Français et des autres langues. Click on International for English & other languages. 
Azoria dictionnaire Français-Suédois Un dictionnaire Français-Suédois. 
Tyda Swedish-English Dictionary An online Swedish-English Dictionary which includes idioms, phrases and sound files.  
Lexin Swedish-English Dictionary  An online dictionary that translates from Swedish to a variety of other languages including English.  
Canadians in Sweden Forum/Canadiens français en Suède.  Un site/forum en français and in english. 
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